About my website

My website is presented in German since all my books are written in German. But I can work with English-speaking clients. If you are interested, please contact me!

The most important items of my website

My books

To understand what I am doing and writing, it is important to know I am a so-called channel medium. This means, I have the gift of receiving messages from the Spiritual World, for example from Jesus, and also from Beings in Nature, for example „devas“ inhabiting trees. I have published two books with the trees, „Wisdom of the Trees“ and „The Trees‘ Knowledge about Healing“. And I have published two books with Jesus, „Christ Energy – Initiations and Practice“ and „Ascension of the Physical Body“. The fifth book you can find in my website shop is a little story for children and the „inner child“ of grown-ups. It‘s about funny little beings from the stars who love singing and music.

Translation of my book "Christ Energy"

In July 2018 I decided to translate my personal bestseller: "Die Christusenergie - Einweihungen und Praxis". I think it is very important to offer these informations, and above all, the spiritual present of Self-Empowerment, to people all over the world. Moreover, it is not only Jesus (Master Sananda), but also Mary of Magdala (Lady Nada) who will help me to translate and partly re-write this book. Why partly re-write? Well, the initiations will now be called "Initiations into Christ-Mary-Energy" in order to integrate the Feminine Aspect of this energy into our minds and hearts. So, the title of the English version will be: "Christ-Mary-Energy - Self-Empowerment, Initiations, Practice". Yet, I have to ask you for some patience... It will take me some time to do the work. But I have decided to publish the text as an eBook as well, so it will be very easy to spread it. 

Working with clients

  • I write down personal messages („channelings“) for people who are asking, for example, about solutions for certain problems
  • I accompany people who want help with the initiations into Christ Energy (see my book)
  • I help people to free their minds from old, negative beliefs about themselves and about life. Beliefs of that kind very often come from our ancestors
  • I help people to free themselves from old patterns based on karma

About myself

I have gone through a very long – and sometimes very hard – period of spiritual awakening that started in 1982. Today, I feel I am among the pioneers of change who are working for a New World of Love, Peace and Understanding.


AILESIA is a network of Authors writing for the New Age. We are self-publishers, but we are going to present our works to the public through a website run by all of us.


Christ-Mary-Network is for people who feel connected with Jesus Christ and also with the women who worked together with him – his mother Mary and his wife Mary Magdalene, for example. We want to re-unite the masculine and the feminine in harmony, deep inside ourselves and in the world outside, too. There exists a closed community on facebook.