About my website

My website is presented in German since all my books are written in German. But I can work with English-speaking clients. If you are interested, please contact me!

The most important items of my website

My books

To understand what I am doing and writing, it is important to know I am a so-called channel medium. This means, I have the gift of receiving messages from the Spiritual World, for example from Jesus, and also from Beings in Nature, for example „devas“ inhabiting trees. I have published two books with the trees, „Wisdom of the Trees“ and „The Trees‘ Knowledge about Healing“. And I have published two books with Jesus, „Christ Energy – Initiations and Practice“ and „Ascension of the Physical Body“. The fifth book you can find in my website shop is a little story for children and the „inner child“ of grown-ups. It‘s about funny little beings from the stars who love singing and music.

Translation of my book "Christ Energy"

In July 2018 I decided to translate my personal bestseller: "Die Christusenergie - Einweihungen und Praxis". I think it is very important to offer these informations, and above all, the spiritual present of Self-Empowerment, to people all over the world. Moreover, it is not only Jesus (Master Sananda), but also Mary of Magdala (Lady Nada) and Mother Mary (Lady Mary) who will help me to translate and partly re-write this book. Why partly re-write? Well, the initiations will now be called "Initiations into Christ-Mary-Energy" in order to integrate the Feminine Aspect of this energy into our minds and hearts. So, the title of the English version is: "Christ-Mary-Energy - Self-Empowerment, Initiations, Practice". 


Good news in November 2018: I have finished re-writing the introductory chapters and translating the rest of the text. A friend in Australia has started editing my English!


March 2019: My friend has finished editing the book.


I have decided to publish the text as an eBook, so it will be easy to spread it. 

Working with clients

  • I write down personal messages („channelings“) for people who are asking, for example, about solutions for certain problems
  • I accompany people who want help with the initiations into Christ Energy (see my book)
  • I help people to free their minds from old, negative beliefs about themselves and about life. Beliefs of that kind very often come from our ancestors
  • I help people to free themselves from old patterns based on karma

About myself

I have gone through a very long – and sometimes very hard – period of spiritual awakening that started in 1982. Today, I feel I am among the pioneers of change who are working for a New World of Love, Peace and Understanding.


AILESIA is a network of Authors writing for the New Age. We are self-publishers, but we are going to present our works to the public through a website run by all of us.


Christ-Mary-Network is for people who feel connected with Jesus Christ and also with the women who worked together with him – his mother Mary and his wife Mary Magdalene, for example. We want to re-unite the masculine and the feminine in harmony, deep inside ourselves and in the world outside, too. There exists a closed community on facebook.